Friday, 24 May 2013

Effects on Kerala Real Estate Because of Lulu Mall

Are you thinking about planning a shopping trip over the weekend? In case, you happen to be in Kochi, then this is precisely the place you should be in. This is because the city is the new home of Asia’s largest shopping mall, Lulu here. This particular development has caused a ripple effect on the economy here especially in the real estate sector. Continue reading this post to know more about the impact that Lulu has had on the realty industry here.

Asserts Dominance

While contemplating whether you should invest in property in Kochi, there are several reasons that you should. For one, if you own real estate here you will be able to assert your dominance here. It is because of the fact that more investors are now showing interest in making investments here. As a result if this there is a whole lot o other projects that have been take up in this region by other realty developers. In addition to that this region has become more conducive to business prospects.

Skyrocketing Value

Another major impact that was felt in this region with regard to real estate here is the fact that the realty value here is skyrocketing. According to statistics, the prices have grown two-three folds in the past few months. It must be taken in stock that the mall has been operational for less than a month or two but has been able to create a substantial impact here.  This can be attributed to the growing thrust that investors are now placing in this region as they have been able to see positive results from this investment.

You Get What You See

There is another logic that most investors are banking in on now. Here, they feel that they will get what they see. Lulu has been able to attract large audiences, reaching out to people across a number of levels. The universality of this concept and the overwhelming response that this project has been able to generate is being viewed as a green signal by other developers.

To sum it up, the success that Lulu has achieved as the largest shopping mall in Asia is overwhelming, especially because it is based in a mini-metro, Kochi. However, it is needless to say that this venture has been received positive response and now more investors are chalking out projects here. For this reason, the realty business here is booming and has recorded an all time high. 

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